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Magical? Or just plain normal?

2010-05-04 23:51:17 by KaenOokami


They still haven't been fricken posted!

2010-04-06 20:43:40 by KaenOokami

What the hell? I've been waiting a week ya idiot mods!

Click Here Google it motha fucka!

Still waiting

2010-04-04 22:46:15 by KaenOokami

Still waiting for my two Audio posts get judged and what not.... Kinda ruins the point of a better version if they both come up at the same time.... Damn mods

Douchebag friend...

2010-04-03 18:20:10 by KaenOokami

For the people who know DJ-EndlessBlaze, well, that would be MY name and Zach Sipe is also MY name, The reason there is another account with those names is because a certain someone stole my identity and used it for their crappy music....Well, whatever I doubt you people care